What’s Trending Online?

Scarab 4 have identified 4 key trends in online marketing that will impact on your business potential ensuring your money invested will have a measurable impact.


1. Content marketing will continue to dominate – Talk to your customers, share common interests with them and most importantly listen to their needs. It has been proven that content marketing provides THREE TIMES more leads than traditional marketing!


2. Growth of video marketing – A video can be ten times more powerful in conveying your message than text! With mobile potential, your videos can become an overnight success.


3. Continuation of Social Media Growth – Engage with your consumers on different social platforms and continue to build your brand ensuring you connect your business with your consumers.


4. Paid Social Advertising is on the rise – Reach your target audiences where they are most active and see a return on your investment.


Here at Scarab 4, our specialist team keep up with trends in the industry, tailoring your communications to your target audience in the most effective way possible ensuring top class results.