Unravelling of the Vlogger Community

Video bloggers, known as ‘vloggers’ have been warned by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that they must ensure that it is clear when they are directly promoting a product.


Vloggers – up to now – have had the potential to earn thousands of pounds taking money directly from advertisers to promote a range of brands. Their followers are built up naturally with people engaging in vloggers providing natural, interesting, relatable and funny topics.


There has always been very strict guidelines on other platforms regarding paid for advertising and product placement. Up until now, this form of communication has been the exception and has gone unregulated.


A vlogger will now have to inform their viewers by placing ‘ad’ or ‘promo’ with the video or use a symbol. It will be interesting whether to see if vloggers followers and video views will drop once they make people aware they are directly advertising a product.