Top Tips for LinkedIn Success


  • Introduce yourself on LinkedIn as if you are introducing yourself to a group at a networking event
  • Ensure your photo is professional and business like
  • In the keywords underneath your name place words relating to your skill set. People will be able to find you this way in the search box. You do not need to put your job title or place of work


Company Page

  • If you are posting from a company page, this should then be shared by an individual and then it will be shared like a plato effect – need to ensure following company before you are able to share the post


Number 1 rule of LinkedIn – Do not sell

  • Build Trust
  • Find out where your customers are
  • Have more focus on them and less on what you can do
  • Sending out tailored information relating to the industry will position you as an industry leader



  • When sending out a message to connect – use personalised text for each person rather than the generic text that is already there


Finding Connections

  • Search in the relevant industry
  • Look for groups and comment
  • Start discussions