The Seedy Side of Marketing

We’ve all witnessed it, particularly during our busiest times, often when you’ve just sat down for your evening meal.


Lead Gen

It’s there – looming at the door – the dreaded door knocker!


First thoughts … Have they seen me? Is there time to hide?


Unfortunately this sort of sales tactics can portray a seedy side to marketing, thus giving the industry a bad name. Not only is it an invasion into people’s personal lives, it can often feel like an intrusion. This form of marketing has received a lot of bad press with forceful tactics being used, particularly targeting vulnerable people often taking advantage.


At Scarab4, we disprove of the door knockers! We are quite aware of the results that can be generated from this form of marketing and we are pretty sure there is money to be made in it – but we would never want our clients – to have a ‘door-knocker’ reputation.


We take a much softer approach in lead gen, yet still get great results. We have the ability to bring the leads to us through powerful promotional communications which trigger a response in customers to get in touch with us leading to an impressively high conversion rate!