The Illustrious Power of PR

Speaking to one of our clients yesterday, we were reminded of how influential PR can be, particularly combined with a fortuitous opportunity.

His friend had invested £10,000 many moons ago in a very small company at the time, now known worldwide as GHD. He let us into how the product really took off, through a very powerful PR piece. A journalist had gone into a famous hair salon to witness the hair dresser using one of the first ranges of hair straighteners, GHD’s.

Being used to using 2 irons to straighten her hair (ladies, I’m sure you can remember doing this!) she was taken aback by the new straighteners and published a press release in one of London’s free evening papers.

The result – the prolific take off of GHD’s! And our client’s friend’s £10,000 investment multiplying to a whopping £200,000,000, a very astute investment indeed.

This brought to our attention that, although we have always known PR is one of the best means to build a brand’s reputation and can be an incredibly influential communication tool, combined with a fortuitous opportunity, the results can be inconceivable.