The Greenest Summer to Date for the UK

The National Grid has announced that this year, the UK has experienced its greenest summer yet, with figures showing that over half of the electricity generated for usage in UK homes has been produced from low carbon sources.

It’s been a record breaking quarter with almost 52% of generation from 21st June to 22nd September coming from renewables and solar in comparison to just 35% for the same period only four years ago. Studies conducted by the National Grid of power generation display that the combination of solar, wind and nuclear nudged carbon emissions to the lowest level over the past three months.

We have seen average carbon emissions for each unit of power fall drastically with a 56% drop between summer 2013 and 2017 as more and more electricity is generated from low carbon sources and coal is increasingly getting pushed out of the equation figures show.

The grid has also launched cutting-edge software that combines the company’s extensive knowledge of the UK energy system with the MET office weather data. This will forecast carbon intensity of electricity up to two days in advance in the hope that businesses and homes can be more involved and gauge an understanding of energy usage and how to control it, resulting in a further boost in the renewables sector.

This milestone is evidence of a fundamental shift towards a cleaner future showing that the UK is on track to meet the governments strict carbon targets following significant improvements in renewable technology. Innovations in such technology will only continue to grow, ensuring the same level of progression over the next ten years changing the way we power the UK.