Surge in UK Renewable Energy

With the recent revelation that the majority of UK energy was supplied by renewable sources, it begs the question whether the era of oil and gas production will eventually be phased out. On the 8th June 2017, the national grid reported 50.7% of energy was powered by wind, solar and hydro methods of production. This suggests Britain is already on its way to a sustainable, energy-secure future.

The National Grid added that this is the first time that renewable energy and nuclear power have together produced more power than gas and coal plants combined. A surge in output from wind energy is partially responsible, with a 26.7% of UK energy supplied through this source. This stems from an increase in onshore and offshore wind projects, numbering 6,200 and 1,497 respectively. Such projects include the Statoil Dudgeon Wind Farm, set to power more than 400,000 homes.

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