SEO Glossary

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a complex discipline which is constantly evolving with new techniques being introduced. We have put together a handy glossary of SEO terms to help guide you through this complex area:


A Google Pay per Click advertisement program

A set of rules that allow a search engine to rank websites based on greatest relevance to a search query

Alt Text
A way for search engines to gain information about a graphic

A program that analyses data about a website’s traffic and usage

A link into the website from another page or site

A goal on a website that has been achieved; including sign-ups, sales etc.

Conversion rate
A percentage of users who convert (above)

Impressions (hit, pageview)
The act of visiting a webpage

A database of webpages used by search engines

A phrase or word entered into search engines to produce results

META tags
Keywords and labels assigned to images and pages used as crawlable information to a search engine

Pay per Click (PPC)
A form of advertising where advertisers pay a publisher a set amount every time the ad is clicked

Return on Investment (ROI)
A usage of analytics software to quantify return on investment

Search Engine
Such as Google; a system which uses algorithms to crawl surface web websites and list them based on relevance to search terms outlined by the searcher

Site Map
A document containing a full group of the website’s pages used to aid search engine spiders crawl and collect information on the structure of a website

Spider (crawler, bot)
A software application used by search engines to index websites