See what the industry has to say about us…

Scarab4 is proud to re-share its peer feedback video produced in Autumn 2022. The video demonstrates our agency’s longevity and influence across the industry, supplying Marketing, PR and Events Management services to manufacturing and engineering companies predominately working into the energy supply chain.

Scarab4 is delighted to receive endorsements from some of the industry’s most respected figureheads – a testament to our high-quality deliverables.

From Burbo Bank to Dogger Bank, we’ve worked – via our clients – on every UK offshore wind farm and many further afield. Our unrivalled industry experience has allowed us to confidently offer marketing and communication services, including organising large-scale corporate events for the likes of industry leaders, JDR Cables.

See what our peers have to say about the Scarab4 by watching our video.

Founded in 2012, Scarab4 has carved a reputation across the UK as being a sector specialist. To find out how Scarab4 can assist with your Marketing, PR and Events Management requirements,  fill in our contact form here or call us on 0844 8002686.