Scarab4 – What Does it Mean?

Having such an unusual company name, we thought we would give you an insight into the meaning behind it. The Egyptian scarab is the image of a dung beetle which is sacred to the sun god. Dung beetles lay eggs in a pellet, which they roll along. Ancient Egyptians used to regard this as an image of the sun and its course through the heavens rolled by a gigantic beetle.


The Scarab beetle is by far the most important amulet in ancient Egypt with the Scarab symbolizing the restoration of life. Like the scarab, Scarab4 create, transform and grow sustainable businesses through forward thinking, bespoke marketing, which will only ever deliver bottom line profit.


The number 4, quite simply symbolises the 4 sectors which our team are experts in – Energy, Waste, Sustainable Industries and Sustainable Technology.

Scarab4 Beetle Background Small

So… Scarab4 … To transform … Create… And Sustain