Scarab4 has been Featured in NEPIC Focal Point

Scarab4 has had two articles included in the recent summer edition of the NEPIC Focal Point Bioresources Special.


The recent NEPIC Focal Point, Issue 56, was a special on Bioresources and Renewables, focussing on innovations and thoughts surrounding the North East’s involvement in clean energy projects. The topic of the commentary piece entitled, ‘Is There Hope for Hydrogen?’ supplied by Scarab4’s Marketing Executive – Martine Coates – is on the evolving hydrogen economy, an uprising field continually bolstered by new projects such as those in the Tees Valley, and the H21 Leeds City Gate.


Further along in the issue Scarab4 was the centre piece in an article showcasing our recent involvement in securing marketing funding for companies in the North East specifically operating in the energy, water & waste, and manufacturing & engineering sectors.


To read the full articles, visit pages 8 & 36 of Issue 56