Scarab4 at Venturefest North East

Venturefest brought together 600 people, 40 speakers, 10 workshops, 35 investors, 45 exhibitors and 1,000’s of opportunities at yesterday’s North East Innovation Conference.

With keynote sessions ranging from ‘Innovation at the cutting edge’ right through to workshop sessions including ‘Delivering innovation and growth in North East health and life sciences’ the level of innovation in the North East region was clearly demonstrated.

The underlying theme of each speaker was the importance of networking and collaboration to drive through innovation. To take inspirational projects and ideas into fruition requires multiple touch points with collaborative thinking. As Tony Paraman at Bloodhound SSC suggested, we need a cross fertilisation of ideas.

In essence, the good old fashioned approach of ‘talking to people’ is key.

At the event there was a real sense that people are open to new ideas and the North East itself has an excellent support and funding network driving innovation forward in the region.

Well done to all speakers who each provided food for thought. Scarab4 look forward to attending the next Venturefest event.