Our Recent PR achievements

We are delighted to announce that over the last four months we have achieved a staggering £164,254 worth of PR coverage for our clients including Red Marine, Premier Tech Aqua and Saving Energy North East. On average our clients receive up to twenty times the return on their investment from just one to two press releases each month!

We measure PR performance through various measures including Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE), a common practice which measures the PR coverage value through determining what it would have cost the client in advertising fees to feature in print and online publications.

So, why is PR so important?

• It is one of the most trusted forms of communication
• It raises brand awareness for your company and secures traction
• Done right, it will position your company as a leader in its field
• It can encourage changes in behavior, attitudes and beliefs
• It builds a sense of trust with your audience, reaching out to your key decision makers
• If your business is doing well, people want to know about it
• Can help to lead to new business opportunities

If you need help with your PR, please feel free to get in touch with Scarab4 and we can advise you on how to get your company’s name out there! Simply call 0844 800 2686 or email info@scarab4.com.