Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Online communication presents the opportunity to speak to your key target audiences at a faster pace.

We are specialists in delivering effective online communications to drive traffic, increase views and followers to create engagement and conversion. We know what messages will resonate with your audience and the right time to push those messages out.

Scarab4 will work closely with you to devise a digital strategy, establishing which channels will be the most effective to achieve measurable results that appeal to your target market.

Our digital marketing disciplines include:




Email Marketing

Digital Lead Generation

Web Services


Scarab4 stand out because they work so hard to understand what their clients are all about. They shape their clients marketing and communications in a way that is consistently positive and dynamic.


Jamie Brown, CEO Francis Brown, NOF Energy Board Member

Scarab4 has recently managed all the PR announcing PMAC Energy’s plans to build a £250million specialist waste to energy plant and from which we have received outstanding media coverage.  This has led to significant interest from stakeholders at all levels and approaches by a number of key investment partners.  Throughout the process, Scarab4 has handled all sensitive information with the utmost discretion and has delivered an excellent job of putting this new plant on the map.


Rob Lewis, CEO PMAC Energy

It was a no brainer to engage with Scarab4 on all our marketing activities because we were confident, we wouldn't have to educate Scarab4 on what our market did just what we wanted our company focus to be.  Jane's expertise in leading the skilled people at Scarab has delivered us a campaign that works.  The team are full of insights so we don’t have to think of everything and always have confidence that their ideas will improve our strategy.

Colin Robinson, CEO, Energy Friend, Business Manager, Evides Industrial Water.