New Client Websites

Scarab4 is pleased to announce the creation and launch of two brand new websites for our clients, Your Energy Broker and Cougar Automation Ltd.


After careful planning, hard work and close collaboration with our web designer, Scarab4 was able to effectively create two modern and compelling websites that showcase their respective companies in a professional and individual way. But although the two projects share a common result, the circumstances leading to each one were quite different.


Cougar Automation Ltd initially approached Scarab4 with the intention to boost their PR, however ended up commissioning a complete redesign for their, then, outdated website. As a forward thinking, technologically advancing company, it was important to produce an end result which incorporated a wholly modern look with simple navigation, engaging elements and captivating imagery.


Your Energy Broker, however, required a brand new company website from scratch. The start-up business had amassed an impressive client base from previous trading, but no online presence to bring new business. Scarab4 successfully created a striking new platform that incorporated lots of bright, minimalist strip imagery to reflect the company’s straight forward, direct approach.


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