Miliband Promises to Prioritise Green Economy

Ahead of the 2015 General Election – at the Labour Party Conference – Ed Miliband expresses a 10 year plan to develop the UK in becoming a leader in clean technology and renewable energy.


As part of this plan, it has been suggested that 1 million green jobs will be created as the UK shifts towards a greener and more sustainable future. Vows have been made that should Labour be elected, there will be a target to take all of the carbon out of electricity by 2030. Another priority will be for Britain to become more energy efficient in order to significantly reduce consumers’ bills.


Miliband also alluded to the fact that Britain is behind on low-carbon green technologies in comparison to countries like Germany, US, Japan, India and China. He suggested that the environment is an unfashionable topic, however deeply stressed the importance for sustainability and the major issue of climate change that Britain needs to combat within the upcoming years before it becomes too late.