Just For Fun!

Following on from our previous blog ‘What’s in a name?’ we came across some interesting former brand names, which we found quite interesting:


  • IBM –  formerly Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation
  • United Parcel Service – formerly American Messenger Company
  • Kit Kat – formerly Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp
  • Pepsi – formerly Brad’s Drink
  • Sega – formerly Service Games
  • Subway – formerly Peter’s Super Submarines
  • Nike – formerly Blue Ribbon Sports
  • Sony –  formerly Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering
  • Google – formerly BackRub
  • Yahoo – formerly Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web
  • Nintendo – formerly Marafuku Company
  • AOL (Quantum Computer Services)


The above highlights that sometimes a name change is simply necessary. Particularly in the case of Google. It is difficult to imagine 3.5 billion searches per day being conducted on a site called ‘BackRub’ and to hear someone saying ‘oh I will just BackRub that!’