India Confident of Building a Renewable Energy Partnership with the UK

A meeting took place in New Delhi between the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey and India’s Power Minister Piyush Goyal to discuss plans for India’s renewable energy market.

Mr Goyal tweeted after the meeting that both parties have come to an agreement on how the UK could have a significant impact on India’s emerging renewable energy sector.  India will now look to move forward with their ambitious energy plans with the help of the UK.

Goyal took to Twitter and said: “We are keen to partner with UK on harnessing India’s true energy potential, particularly in the renewable sector solar, wind etc.” (Source: Twitter)

If all goes to plan for India hitting their renewable energy goals, they will be major players in the energy game by 2020. Plans are in place to power up to 4 million Indian homes that previously were without power.

A particular focus will be harnessing solar power – with plans in the pipeline for a floating solar park – which would be the biggest in the world if plans are approved.

The Indian government have also recently pledged to raise tax on imported and exported coal, with the almost doubled revenue been sunk into renewable energy projects.