How Brands are Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s amazing seeing global brands taking stand during such unprecedented times. When iconic brands speak, people tend to listen. And when a powerful brand can use its influence to encourage people to act responsibly – which in this case, includes practising social distancing to help stop the rapid spread of the virus – it should.

Below are a few ads we’ve loved over the past week that are doing just that.

Speaking of logos known throughout the world, you don’t get much more recognisable than Coco-Cola who this week unveiled its newest campaign in Times Square which caught the eyes of many.

Now with the letters spread apart with the tag line saying, “Staying apart is the best way to stay connected,” the message is very clear and simple yet powerful.

Nike is also promoting social distancing. The brand known for sponsoring athletes who play for millions around the world is inviting you to join them. It is powerful marketing like this, which demonstrates the selflessness of a brand, that will be remembered many years after this passes.


Fresh from its recent mouldy burger campaign, the fast food chain is reimaging its store signs from “home of the Whopper” to a simpler message: “Stay home”.

What do you think about these ads? And have you seen any other brands that have used their influence to help convince people to stay home?

Let us know!