Happy 6th Birthday Scarab4!

This week Scarab4 turned six! In the spirit of our 6th birthday, we have put together six achievements that we have made within the year that we are proud to share with you all:

1. Moved offices
Recently, we said goodbye to our Northumberland office and hello to Prestwick Park. We upgraded our offices to accommodate our growing workforce and client base. The new modern office features tall glass windows with views overlooking the picturesque countryside and landscaped courtyards. This business park is a good fit for us, the renewable energy schemes within the business park fit in ideally with our business proposition.

2. Grown our team
We have expanded our team with the recruitment of a new Marketing Executive, a Marketing Assistant and a Business Development Manager. The Marketing Executive and Assistant work from our new office location whilst our Business Development Manager is based in the Midlands to provide nationwide coverage for the company.

3. Expanded our portfolio
Scarab4 has quickly grown to be a key business in marketing and PR for niche industries. Having a strong foothold of clients in the engineering hub of Teesside, as well as growing our client base across Northumberland, we work with clients right across the country and even across the globe. With our ambitious development plans, we have successfully won a string of new contracts for major clients including Hindley Circuits, Pipeline Precision Engineering and Axiom Engineering Associates.

4. Experienced great success for our clients
We had the recent pleasure of working with Nusafe to develop a new brand, which Scarab4 was responsible for coming up with the name and the brand identity. As part of this we also designed, developed and launched a unique website that really showcases their new sophisticated and memorable branding.

Throughout the year we have managed to help our client Mech-Tool Engineering achieve over £97,861 worth of PR coverage whilst reaching a total audience of 2,221,213.

We also take great pride in the successful launched of a new website and a series of promotional videos for Hindley Circuits, which were produced, shot and filmed within their facilities in Cramlington. The outcome from both speaks for itself, positioning Hindley as a leader in its field.

5. Represented clients internationally
Most of our clients are headquartered in the UK, however Scarab4 have completed work for clients as far as Canada. Earlier this month, our Managing Director, Jane Gatiss flew to Cologne. During this week, she represented the company, helped with marketing strategies for an event and discussed new business opportunities moving forward. There’s no distance too far for us to work closely to help our clients get the most out of important events and exhibits.

6. Sponsored an award
We are also proud sponsors of next year’s North East Business Awards. We were given the pleasure to become a dedicated sponsor for the Export Award in the Teesside region which recognises companies that have generated substantial and sustained growth in export activity.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team, clients and suppliers for their ongoing support. Together, we’ve grown to reach new levels of success and look forward to the year ahead.