Government announces a stop to its Green Deal home Improvement Fund for customers looking to go green

The government has today (25th July 2014) decided to cut its home improvements grants after a surge of interest in the energy efficiency funding saw grant requests of up to £70 million being lodged.

The government has shelled out up to £50 million in vouchers since the scheme began last month, with homeowners being offered up to £7,600 in energy efficient improvements.

Some energy companies have been left angered by the government’s decision to go back on the scheme, with some saying that it is a typical example of the government moving the goal posts at the last minute.

Obviously the scheme has took off more than previously anticipated which is a positive sign showing an increasing amount of people becoming more conscious of ways in which they can make energy efficiency measures. Hopefully the interest will continue to grow and further money will be invested into the very popular scheme.