France to invest heavily in the renewable energy sector

France is set to invest up to 10 billion Euros into renewables over the coming months, and in the same breath, cut their oil and gas costs.

On Wednesday (30th of July 2014) French Environment & Energy Minister Ségolène Royal presented the new energy bill to the weekly cabinet meeting.

One of the key goals of the bill is to reduce the countries reliance on nuclear energy from 75% of its electricity production down to 50%, a huge cut of 15%. Royal also wants to boost the countries renewable energy sources significantly.

The outlined plans that were presented was met with mixed reactions from the opposing parties, as some feel President François Hollande’s cabinet have went back on previous promises in the past when it comes to the renewables sector. 

Some of the opposition leaders were outraged to see Royal’s failure to mention the closing of the Fessenheim nuclear plant and the fact she did not touch on agriculture, one of France’s main causes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite the grumblings from the opposition, France are making a conscious effort to reduce their nuclear reliance, which in the long run will benefit the countries reduction of carbon emissions