Final Countdown to the Scottish Independence Vote Sparks Doubts within the Energy Sector

Key figures within the energy sector have urged fears that questions remain unanswered relating to the energy sector.


If the vote is ‘yes’ – Scottish Parliament will have more powers – eliciting an uncertainty as to the future of Scotland’s energy policies generating a looming cloud of ambiguity. It is unclear as to how nuclear plants and the wider energy sector will be regulated if Scotland is to go independent.


At present, the energy market is fully integrated within Scotland, England and Wales. It has currently been proposed that despite independence, Scotland will continue to be part of the gas and electricity market. It has been suggested if Scotland is to go independent, the Scottish Government will continue to invest in the renewable sector.


With the vote being imminent – only time will tell! In the meantime, there still remains to be lots of unanswered questions continually arising.