Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Marketing at its core is a way of communicating with a consumer in order to sell a product or service, so what will 2017 bring in terms of new digital marketing trends?

  1. Video to Dominate Content

Distributing valuable bitesize content is likely to become increasingly important as more websites and applications continue to collect ‘intent’ data from users, which in turn feed better personalised profiles. Cutting through the noise will become more relevant as users look for ways to quickly absorb information, and with 74% of all traffic estimated to be video in 2017, it is likely that multimedia is the form this content will take.

  1. A Shift in Social Media

The use of social media in recent times has grown exponentially. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter appear to be stagnating, newcomers, including Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat in particular will be vital areas to move to. In 2016, the snapchat app generated over $360 million in ad revenues with that figure expected to hit over $900 million in 2017. It will be interesting to see how these platforms can be used effectively, if all, in B2B marketing.

  1. Rise of Augmented Reality (AR)

Smartphone technology is one of the biggest markets of the moment with approximately 80% of internet users reportedly owning a smartphone in 2016. However, it is the advent of augmented reality applications – applications that allow you to see virtual items or information while looking at the real around you – that is on the rise.

Pokémon Go set the benchmark in 2016; now AR is expected to go from $5.2 billion in 2016 to $162+ billion in 2020.  It has already been used by companies such as Ikea (digitally furnish your house) and Snapchat (put a spin on your selfies), but there are applications waiting to be utilised by B2B marketers that could allow companies to solve technical or engineering problems in the field.
With the advent of so many new systems already contributing to the industry, and an online user base increasing by the day, it will be interesting to see if 2017 goes in the direction it’s predicted to.