During these unprecedented times, businesses need to adapt, and by any means necessary. For a lot of businesses – this is going to involve very quickly adopting a new strategy and making a shift to online marketing.

With a team of experts in this specialism, Scarab4 is offering free advice to businesses – of any size – on how they can effectively do this.


We understand the operational and financial difficulties that businesses are facing right now and, as such, we are committed to delivering the following:

We will offer free and impartial advice to any business that needs it

For any new clients, we will offer a discretionary discount to enable businesses to carry on and adapt marketing activities

For any new clients, we will deliver any setup requirements completely free of charge, including marketing/campaign plans for the next few months

We will offer flexible payment terms that both businesses are comfortable committing to.

Under the circumstances, it is very easy to consider marketing spend to be one of the first cuts to make, however, as history has proven, businesses who continue on, adapt and mould are those that manage to sustain and grow. For examples of this, click here to read more in Forbes.

We have put together a few tips on activities to help businesses prepare for a shift in online activities:

Website content

Ensure the right marketing messages and the right calls to action.


Check organic search rankings and optimize to improve quantity of web traffic.

Press releases and articles

Use the trade press to inform clients and prospects on why they should choose you over competitors.

Marketing materials

Prepare for issue online and platforms to share these.

Social media engagement

Improve your presence on these platforms.


Develop online content. A skilled agency can produce a video without a shoot that looks just as good and costs half the price.

Every person, family and business are going to be affected by COVID19 and we need to be in this together to get through such challenging times. We will carry on doing our very best and utilise our skillsets in the very best way to help individuals and businesses continue on.
Stay connected – we’re here to talk – and get in touch if you require our help.

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We plan to offer our services and flexible terms for as long as is necessary and will continue to monitor and review the ongoing situation.