Check Out Our Latest Website Developments

Over the past couple of months, Scarab4 has been busy designing and developing websites for a number of our clients. As such, we we’d like to share with you our recent successes in launching websites for Hindley Circuits, Tecmo Europe and Animmersion.

Hindley Circuits – a provider of PCB assembly services – approached Scarab4 with the desire to build a new website that demonstrates their full capabilities and in the most visually appealing way that would be engaging for their target audience. Working closely together, we created and developed a site that is very easy to navigate through, colourful and most importantly – a true reflection of what Hindley Circuits do and indeed what they are extremely good at doing. Check it out here.

Having previously worked with Nusafe – a leading provider of worker and PPE – we recently worked with them to develop a new brand, which Scarab4 was responsible for coming up with the name of and the brand identity. The new brand, Tecmo Europe, specialises in solely providing workwear and PPE to the automotive sector. As part of the work we have designed and developed a unique website that really showcases their new sophisticated and memorable branding, which has several interactive features such as a social media and news feeds. Visit here to view it.

Following the launch of a new brand that Scarab4 delivered for Animmersion, the company required a significant revamp of their old website to promote their evolving and very exciting offering. Scarab4 was able to do just that – with captivating imagery, professional strip design and distinct icons that complement and highlight the company’s visually appealing branding. Check it out here.

If you have any website requirements and would like to find out more information on what we provide, please contact us on 0844 800 2686 to speak to a member of our team, or email us at