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New Year, New Job and £1,000 if you bag it!

Scarab4 is looking for an experienced Account Manager and we’ve decided to find them differently.

If you, someone you know or a candidate on your books wants to work in a dynamic, highly creative and rapidly expanding marketing agency, then we want to know about them.  And – on employment – we’re offering £1000 as a finder’s fee to either the successful candidate, the person that recommends them or a combination of both.

We don’t want shirkers, clock watchers or rubbish writers. 

We want:

Bags of experience in a marketing agency working on both BC2 and B2B accounts.  We don’t want someone who doesn’t have this, so don’t apply if you can’t demonstrate it 

Stacks of experience in consumer marketing but who can equally switch onto technical business marketing when required 

A creative thinker, someone who can come up with campaign ideas and execute them

A confident, articulate ‘hold your own’ team member, someone who’s a good craic, clients want to work with and who fits into our hardworking, fun loving team      

A strong, written communicator whose work is right first time, every time and has bags of experience crafting interesting and accurate blogs, press releases and wider written content

An organiser with a diary, list, plan and spreadsheet for it all

A strong personality, someone who can seamlessly slot into a team that’s exactly like that

Someone who is thick skinned and likes a laugh yet is as cool as a cucumber, ploughing through mountains of work, never compromising on quality or delivery.


Think you’re a Scarab or know someone who is. Hit us with it. We offer great salaries and benefits and a desk with your name on it.

Send you CV to and we’ll be in touch.     

Happy 6th Birthday Scarab4!

This week Scarab4 turned six! In the spirit of our 6th birthday, we have put together six achievements that we have made within the year that we are proud to share with you all:

1. Moved offices
Recently, we said goodbye to our Northumberland office and hello to Prestwick Park. We upgraded our offices to accommodate our growing workforce and client base. The new modern office features tall glass windows with views overlooking the picturesque countryside and landscaped courtyards. This business park is a good fit for us, the renewable energy schemes within the business park fit in ideally with our business proposition.

2. Grown our team
We have expanded our team with the recruitment of a new Marketing Executive, a Marketing Assistant and a Business Development Manager. The Marketing Executive and Assistant work from our new office location whilst our Business Development Manager is based in the Midlands to provide nationwide coverage for the company.

3. Expanded our portfolio
Scarab4 has quickly grown to be a key business in marketing and PR for niche industries. Having a strong foothold of clients in the engineering hub of Teesside, as well as growing our client base across Northumberland, we work with clients right across the country and even across the globe. With our ambitious development plans, we have successfully won a string of new contracts for major clients including Hindley Circuits, Pipeline Precision Engineering and Axiom Engineering Associates.

4. Experienced great success for our clients
We had the recent pleasure of working with Nusafe to develop a new brand, which Scarab4 was responsible for coming up with the name and the brand identity. As part of this we also designed, developed and launched a unique website that really showcases their new sophisticated and memorable branding.

Throughout the year we have managed to help our client Mech-Tool Engineering achieve over £97,861 worth of PR coverage whilst reaching a total audience of 2,221,213.

We also take great pride in the successful launched of a new website and a series of promotional videos for Hindley Circuits, which were produced, shot and filmed within their facilities in Cramlington. The outcome from both speaks for itself, positioning Hindley as a leader in its field.

5. Represented clients internationally
Most of our clients are headquartered in the UK, however Scarab4 have completed work for clients as far as Canada. Earlier this month, our Managing Director, Jane Gatiss flew to Cologne. During this week, she represented the company, helped with marketing strategies for an event and discussed new business opportunities moving forward. There’s no distance too far for us to work closely to help our clients get the most out of important events and exhibits.

6. Sponsored an award
We are also proud sponsors of next year’s North East Business Awards. We were given the pleasure to become a dedicated sponsor for the Export Award in the Teesside region which recognises companies that have generated substantial and sustained growth in export activity.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team, clients and suppliers for their ongoing support. Together, we’ve grown to reach new levels of success and look forward to the year ahead.

Scarab4 Workshop with CDEMN

Events are an important part of networking and business but companies don’t always use them to their full potential. We were delighted to have been given the opportunity to host a workshop for members of CDEMN (County Durham Engineering and Manufacturing Network) to help them to prepare for this month’s EMCON event.

Our session focussed on marketing around three key areas: pre-event preparation, what to do on the event itself and post event strategies. With companies investing in events, it is very important that all of these areas are executed well in order to ensure that businesses see a return on their investment.

As such, we provided handy tips on marketing activities that could be carried out, looking at a number of different channels – including social media and email marketing – that could be used to promote a company’s attendance in the build-up, during and after the event.

As an icebreaker we also held a competition that looked at the importance of a good tagline, questioning our audience’s knowledge on famous taglines used by major companies across the globe. Our winner was Adrian Cheesman, MD at Demob Job who will receive a bottle of wine. Well Done Adrian!

We hope that all who attended found our workshop purposeful and educational and are now more prepared for EMCON and future events.

If you would like to get in touch with Scarab4 to find out more information on how we can help you with your events, please feel free to call us on 0844 800 2686 or email us at

Top Tips for Blogging

We know sometimes writing a blog can be a challenging task, whether you haven’t found the topic to discuss or the motivation to proceed; its often hard to consistently publish engaging and nevertheless profitable content. Luckily, Scarab4 has put together a few handy tips that are used from experience when blogging:

1. Define the Aim of the Blog

Begin your process of writing a blog with a strategic plan including the aim and what goals are set for each post. By doing it this way it increases your chance of reaching your goals and potentially exceeding them.

2. Nail the title

Constructing compelling titles and introductions inevitability makes your readers want to click on your post right away. This is the number one top tip for blogging as it determines whether your blog has been successful by looking at the amount of readers. Recent studies show that on average 80% of people will read a headline, but only 20% will read the rest.

3. Understand your Audience

Target your blog to your target market and tailor the content, tone and design towards them. Gaining an understanding of your audience and what they are interested in will help to steer the content of your company blog.

4. Ask for interaction

Questions should be asked throughout the blog to encourage engagement and allow room for a discussion. Try ending the piece with a sentence that moves the reader to perform a desired action, for example, getting in touch with your company or sharing the article across your prospects social media platform.

5. Be Informative and Engaging

Finally, one of the most important tips we can give you is to not be afraid of thinking outside the box, however the content is fitting with your company’s brand and its image. Try to communicate with your audiences in a chatty, informal manner, whilst maintaining useful and educational content.

Scarab4 writes technical, educational and informative blogs for a number of clients and has a team of copywrite experts. If you would like to know more information about how you can improve your writing, or would like us to manage it for you, please get in touch us by either calling 0844 800 2686 or email

What will shape the future of Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is about to undergo some significant changes. We have researched multiple reports and set out a couple of key drivers that we believe will accelerate and impact this industrial transformation.

1.            Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will soon transform the relationship between people and technology as the questions spark around how much control machines will have in the future. Artificial intelligence offers the potential for companies to fulfil their customers’ requirements more accurately and within a shorter time frame. It will be better at integrating production processes but could fall short with customer service.

2.            3D Printing

3D Printing has, up until now, had limited applications in the manufacturing industry. However, further developments in technology have changed this. Recent studies have shown that future 3D printing technologies could be up to 100 times faster than current 3D printing techniques. An increase in this type of printing will offer better product quality and quantity whilst reducing lead times but could lead to problems for bespoke products.

3.            Automation

Automation provides benefits to virtually all of the industry as it crosses all functions within this from installation and maintenance to design and management. Automation engineering professionals are responsible for solving complex problems and ultimately enhancing our quality of life. It can be a great way to save time and money but without proper inspection of products produced, faulty products could be continuously made.

All new technologies come with its advantages and disadvantages. Whilst all three are heavy investments they would also reduce costs by saving time and reducing any faults. So, are you ready for the manufacturing revolution?

Scarab4 Launches a Series of Promotional Videos for Hindley Circuits

We are delighted to share with you our most recent and exciting work with one of our clients, Hindley Circuits.

Together, we have produced, shot and filmed a series of short videos at Hindley’s impressive manufacturing facilities in Cramlington, Northumberland. The aim of this project was to create a visually appealing series of videos to demonstrate exactly what the business does and highlight their core capabilities.

The production of the videos began with us creating a detailed video brief together outlining what we needed to capture and the key messages that we wanted to communicate. Within just two days of production, we were able to successfully capture footage for eight short videos. These included various facility and personnel shots coupled with interviews with key members of staff at Hindley, including their CEO, Richard Whitehead and their Operations Manager, Mark Thorman.

The videos were edited within the space of one week and the outcome of them speak for themselves, positioning Hindley as a leader in its field, effectively communicating its hands on, personal and professional approach.

Check out the video’s here:

About us

Surface Mount Assembly 

Conventional Assembly 

Box Build and Final Assembly 


Material Management 

Inspection and Testing 

Store and Dispatch 

Thanks again to everyone at Hindley Circuits who made this project a great success!