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The Greenest Summer to Date for the UK

The National Grid has announced that this year, the UK has experienced its greenest summer yet, with figures showing that over half of the electricity generated for usage in UK homes has been produced from low carbon sources.

It’s been a record breaking quarter with almost 52% of generation from 21st June to 22nd September coming from renewables and solar in comparison to just 35% for the same period only four years ago. Studies conducted by the National Grid of power generation display that the combination of solar, wind and nuclear nudged carbon emissions to the lowest level over the past three months.

We have seen average carbon emissions for each unit of power fall drastically with a 56% drop between summer 2013 and 2017 as more and more electricity is generated from low carbon sources and coal is increasingly getting pushed out of the equation figures show.

The grid has also launched cutting-edge software that combines the company’s extensive knowledge of the UK energy system with the MET office weather data. This will forecast carbon intensity of electricity up to two days in advance in the hope that businesses and homes can be more involved and gauge an understanding of energy usage and how to control it, resulting in a further boost in the renewables sector.

This milestone is evidence of a fundamental shift towards a cleaner future showing that the UK is on track to meet the governments strict carbon targets following significant improvements in renewable technology. Innovations in such technology will only continue to grow, ensuring the same level of progression over the next ten years changing the way we power the UK.

The Importance of Social Media

Social media is all around us and is a prominent part of everyday life for over two billion users globally. For businesses looking to be a part of the digital age – social media is crucial – and presents the opportunity to reach out and connect with potential customers across the world at the touch of a button and in only a matter of seconds.

And here is just some of the benefits:

Interaction and Engagement

Engaging with customers quickly and easily by frequently posting direct, interesting, relevant content allows companies to improve reputation, gain a larger following and build a relationship with its audiences. And research highlights 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a company are likely to recommend it to others.

Brand Recognition

It’s an opportunity to promote content, increase visibility and create a voice to reflect companies brand image and ethos. Having a presence over multiple online platforms will not only make businesses more easily accessible to both new and existing customers, it will also implant a feeling of familiarity.

Increased Traffic and SEO

Social media makes up almost a third of all referral traffic to company websites, the more interaction and shares achieved on social media, the higher the search ranking will be. Driving traffic will ultimately let the search engine optimiser’s know that people are engaging with companies websites, therefore ranking them higher. Visual content is also worth thinking about as this is said to be 40 times more likely to get shared than any other type of content.

At Scarab4 we take all of this into consideration, specialising in delivering powerful online communications to businesses using creativity, passion and consistency. Ensuring that we use the right channels to appeal to the right audiences, we can effectively build and maintain proactive social media strategies that deliver measurable results.

15,000-Tonne Wind Farm Installed onto Seabed off Blyth Coast

It’s a world first for the North-East as a float and submerge Gravity-Based Foundation (GBF) has been successfully lowered onto the sea bed as part of the Blyth Offshore Demonstrator wind farm. This pioneering project acts as a flagship for EDF Energy Renewables as it’s the first time that this method has been utilised for wind turbine installation.

Once operational, the new wind farm will see the development of five turbines capable of generating 41.5 MW; this is enough power to cater for around 34,000 homes saving a total of 57,600 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. As a significant project milestone, one of the GBF’s – constructed by Royal BAM – has been submerged four miles offshore past the Herd Groyne Lighthouse off the coast of Blyth and will provide the support for the wind turbines.

Before the delivery and installation of the turbines, the civil engineering firm Strukton will be pumping sea water from the North Sea into the foundations using a specialist vessel. The contractor VBMS will then lay specialist 66kV inter array and export cables down, connecting the wind farm to a new substation currently under construction in Blyth.

We are very pleased to see the progress so far that has been made on this ground breaking project and the contribution it is making towards helping the UK to meet its targets of a low carbon, sustainable future.

4 Reasons to Choose Sector Specific Agency Scarab4

We Have In-depth Industry Knowledge

As sector specialists – in energy, water & waste; process, manufacturing & engineering; housing, regeneration & development and the environment – our knowledge of these different industries is extremely broad and firmly deep seated. We will never profess to know as much as our clients who work in their roles day in day out, however we can certainly hold our own in these sectors and consistently stay up to date with industry news.


We Can Save Companies Time and Money

Working in niche, yet very broad sectors, we understand how they operate. As such, company’s do not need to spend their time and money educating us on the industry. We know our sectors inside out meaning that we can hit the ground running on all projects that we undertake.


We Can Hook Businesses Together

Scarab4 is extremely well connected and pride ourselves on putting people and companies together where there is an opportunity to do business and make revenue.  We already work with some of the largest companies in Teesside including AV Dawson, Mech Tool Engineering, QA Weld Tech – amongst many others –  and through these, and many of our other clients, have routes to decision makers, not only in these businesses, but across their supply chains and verticals as a whole.


Marketing Expertise

We’re all chartered and qualified marketers so don’t just understand how important marketing strategy is to businesses, most importantly we know how to do it and do it well.  We don’t equate marketing strategy to a rebrand, good design or a tagline plucked out of the air.  It’s how – if it’s needed – we get to that design and tagline through well-researched, market intelligence and a strategic approach.

Surge in UK Renewable Energy

With the recent revelation that the majority of UK energy was supplied by renewable sources, it begs the question whether the era of oil and gas production will eventually be phased out. On the 8th June 2017, the national grid reported 50.7% of energy was powered by wind, solar and hydro methods of production. This suggests Britain is already on its way to a sustainable, energy-secure future.

The National Grid added that this is the first time that renewable energy and nuclear power have together produced more power than gas and coal plants combined. A surge in output from wind energy is partially responsible, with a 26.7% of UK energy supplied through this source. This stems from an increase in onshore and offshore wind projects, numbering 6,200 and 1,497 respectively. Such projects include the Statoil Dudgeon Wind Farm, set to power more than 400,000 homes.

At Scarab4, we understand the changing nature of the energy market and it is great to see the positive impact that renewable technology is having. Specialising in the energy, waste and water sector allows us to provide extensive knowledge in delivering our services, allowing for a more targeted and successful marketing and PR communications.

New Appointments to Scarab4 Team

We would like to welcome our new Marketing Executives – Stephanie Dennis and Sophie Longford – to the Scarab4 Team!

Stephanie has recently graduated from Northumbria University with a 1:1 Advertising degree. She possesses a vast amount of knowledge and experience from graphic design and copywriting through to branding and campaign management. Whilst studying for her degree she undertook a placement at a creative communications agency in the North East, gaining invaluable experience as an Advertising Planner. As part of the role Stephanie excelled in areas of critical research and analysis, as well as building relationships with clients.

Sophie is currently studying a Business Studies degree at Northumbria University and is working at Scarab4 as part of a year industrial placement. Having gained a 1:1 in both her first and second year of university, she joins the Scarab4 team with experience in an array of core business functions – including marketing.

As a young and dynamic agency, we are always keen to work with some of the regions most talented graduates. Our approach is to provide them with the tools they need to carve their own role, whilst supporting all business needs.

We wish them the best of luck in their new roles!