Blogging Tips


A blog is basically a journal which is available on the web. It is great for companies wanting to spread company news, their thoughts and also to share tips and advice with existing and potentially new customers. Basically it is a great – and very easy
– way to get your views out and open a discussion.


Speaking from experience, the girls at Scarab4 have put together a few handy tips they use on a daily basis when blogging:


  1. Define the Aim of the Blog

Before beginning, strategically plan what it is that you are aiming for the blog to achieve. Establish your goals for each post, which will increase your chance of reaching them


2. Understand Your Audience

The content, tone and design must be tailored for your target audience. Gaining an understanding of exactly what will appeal to your audience will ensure an impact from your blog.


Blogging3.  Be Open

Engage your audience in the blog and lead the way for an open discussion. Share your blog on social media, encouraging people to engage and participate in chat.


4.  Ensure Consistency

If you are representing a brand or indeed yourself, your image needs to be reflected and remain consistent. Your specific message, aims and goals of the blogs need to be communicated throughout.


5.  Don’t be Afraid

Be yourself. Communicate yours or your brands personality in a chatty manner which will appeal to your audience.