Appointment Setting … Leave it to the Experts

Has your business ever struggled to manage appointment setting? Fear not … Scarab4 can help your business!

We offer two comprehensive services opening quality conversation to your customers:

  • Back Office Function

This comprises of a team of experienced inbound callers handling incoming calls from your customers. Our handlers work to deliver several back office functions, from handling calls driven from marketing activities right through to booking appointments with our client’s supply chain and their customers.

  • Lead Generation

Our expert outbound callers have experience in generating high quality appointments through cold calling. We pride ourselves in gaining appointments that will convert into sales.


Why Outsource this Function?

We understand how time consuming it can be to implement such functions, and not everyone in the business has the relevant customer service and sales skills required to fulfil the role in doing so.

Understanding our client’s individual needs and your customer requirements, we deliver a bespoke service that generates significant results.  Our full time contact centre – open during business and out of business hours – means that we have staff in place to answer your campaign calls as and when they come in – ensuring that no calls or potential customers are missed.

We have worked with several companies over the course of the last few years who have all suffered from the same problem. They have purchased leads from major “lead generators” and have often found that the bought lead is either outdated, has the wrong contact information, or in many cases has already been sold several times to competitors. This has resulted in a lot of time wasting and back and forth in returning the low quality leads.

One thing Scarab4 prides itself on is delivering high quality, unique leads that lead to a high conversion rate. We know time is precious in any business and it is important to maximise your staff’s potential. Therefore you can rest assure that with our bespoke appointment setting facility, you can see a significant return on your investment, leaving staff in your business with other particular skill sets to concentrate on what they do best.


Why Scarab4?

  • We are passionate about delivering results, and as such we are very target driven and go above and beyond to perform on a consistent basis
  • Our staff are highly trained to know each client’s business inside and out to ensure that they represent the company to highest possible standards
  • We know how to speak to your customers which leads to sales and a high customer retention rate.

Should you require more information or have any queries, please call 0844 800 2686.