A Scatter Gun Approach

Many marketers are guilty of delivering direct mail campaigns with an approach of ‘let’s just push a high volume of flyers through as many doors as possible covering a wide geographic area – and fingers crossed – someone might respond’.

This approach has become increasingly apparent to myself over the past few months (and is becoming increasingly annoying!). Having recently moved to a flat in the centre of Newcastle, I come home each night to up to 10 different promotional flyers.

I do tend to have a look at them. What I am finding more and more unbelievable is that I regularly receive flyers for completely irrelevant products and services to suit the needs of myself and households around. My personal favourite senseless flyers are for landscape gardening – having no front or back garden; free boiler schemes – when I live in a property that does not meet the qualifying criteria; and driveway and pavement revamps – again I do not have a drive or any pavements.

This is the case for the majority, if not all of properties in the area that I live. I fail to see why time and money is being wasted on targeting the wrong audience.

As any good marketer will know, it is imperative to know your target audience and the most appropriate methods to target them ensuring a high response rate. A defined and well thought through strategy will eliminate the risk of such a scatter gun approach.