A few more client websites

Scarab4 has recently added two new websites its extensive web portfolio for our clients CDH Group Ltd and Arch Group.

Following on from our previous success in launching a host of websites for clients including, Your Energy Broker and Cougar Automation Ltd, Scarab4 has created two brand new informative and stylistic websites which were developed in less than 6 weeks.

Arch Group approached Scarab4 with the desire to build a website to promote and showcase the evolving Wansbeck Business Park – where Scarab4 resides. Working closely with Arch, we designed and developed a bright, modern and easy to navigate site complete with an interactive site map and gallery.

CDH Group Ltd, a leading ESCo which has recently been formed, required a website to promote their unique offering. Scarab4 created a custom built website with captivating imagery, professional strip design, and eye catching icons that compliment the company’s visually appealing branding.

If you are looking for a new website, contact us on 0844 800 2686 to speak to a member of our experienced marketing team. Alternatively, email us at info@scarab4.com