A Change in the Tide

Whenever renewable technology is mentioned, Wind and solar power usually spring to mind first. However, could wave energy be the next big thing?

Energy generated by the sea is a bit more challenging than its counterparts. The planet is made up of 71% water which makes it an abundant energy resource, but there has always been the problem of how to develop a technology that can both withstand the force of the sea and cause no harm to the ecosystem.

The good news is that wave energy may now be starting to get the focus it deserves with more and more companies are turning their attention to it. And Israeli company, Yam Pro Energy, believes it could hold the answer with a new float-based and efficient innovative technology.

The company has developed a system that is simple, yet has the power to generate 65% of energy per year to 10,000 households with no pollution and low maintenance costs. It works through crashing waves displacing a float connected to a static hydraulic ram. Each time the float bobs up and down, the turbine is turned generating energy.

The project is set to get up and running in 2017 off the coast of Ghana, Africa, and project leaders already believe that if the country transitioned to 100% renewables, this wave power would make up 1.4% of it.

Although the rise of wave energy has been gradual, there’s hope on the horizon. Many believe that with projects such as these gaining momentum, it won’t be long before it becomes the 6th pillar of commercialised renewable energy after wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and biofuels.