5 Marketing Trends for 2015

With multiple channels available to promote your business, new innovative ways to collect consumer data and fresh tools at your fingertips – we are expecting to see some significant changes in how businesses communicate with their customers in 2015.

Here are 5 marketing insights that will not only save time but dramatically improve communication and engagement with customers.

Segmented and Targeted Campaigns

It’s no surprise that targeted adverts are expected to increase in 2015.

Targeted ads are considered to be twice as effective as non-targeted ads. Millions of people use the internet and leave a wealth of data around the web – for example Facebook and Twitter store vast amounts of data about their users and their preferences. Access to this data allows businesses to segment and target customers more efficiently than ever. Many companies already use Google Adwords (pay per click), Facebook and Twitter adverts to drive traffic to their website and convert them into customers.

Retargeted adverts are ads that are displayed on websites throughout the web. They recapture your customer’s interest by displaying adverts from websites that they have previously visited, on any device. This is achieved by websites collecting information on their preferences and web browsing behaviours.

Studies have shown that retargeted display adverts inspire people to look further for the advertised product that was displayed in front of them. With many people spending their free time on the internet, this offers a great opportunity for businesses to get their name out there. This is why internet advertising is expected to rise by 10% this year and mobile adverts to rise by 48% in 2015.

The Technical Savvy

The businesses that will conquer 2015 will be proficient at gathering, storing and analysing consumer information to generate leads. Instead of examining likes, shares, tweets, and click through rates; businesses will have more useful data about their consumers that will lead them to faster lead generation and instant engagement.

Businesses will have more tools at their disposal which will allow them to have a holistic approach to analysing their efforts; managing content, social sharing, and email marketing. These tools will allow automation such as the distribution of emails to potential customers that have viewed certain content on their website. For example a customer may give their contact details to access a white paper on a website; this information can then be used to set up an automated tweet or email to provide the potential customer with further content.

These tools will personalise marketing messages, nurture customer satisfaction to grow sales and inspire website visitors to stay longer.

Content Creation

Content creation is becoming more increasingly more popular and is a trend that is set to continue to grow in popularity in 2015. Businesses will communicate to their customers with empathetic and customised campaigns using content such as; videos, infographics and interactive apps for websites and smart devices.

Content creation allows information to be presented more effectively – an experience that a customer can relate with. A video for example can deliver information more efficiently by demonstrating workflows -whilst the cast of the video can display a range of emotion through body language that is impossible to replicate using text.  Visual content creation creates more transparency rather than made up stories about the brand, this helps customers make informed decisions.

The Written Word

With an increase in quality of content creation, we will see low quality marketing messages lose its power. Businesses will prefer long copy opposed to short messages -focusing on interesting and educating articles. The length and quality of a blog is more important than ever- Google now optimises its search engines to rank websites higher based on the quality and length of their content.

Blogs will still be an important tool to communicate with your customers -B2B companies that have blogs are expected to generate 67% more leads per month than organisations that don’t have blogs.

In With the New, Out With the Old

Companies often put in place complex processes that can have a detrimental effect on the delivery of fresh ideas.  Businesses will have to simplify their processes this year to manage their time more efficiently. Many companies will update their marketing software and find more simple methods to complete or automate tasks so they can focus on the creative marketing ideas.