4 Reasons to Choose Sector Specific Agency Scarab4

We Have In-depth Industry Knowledge

As sector specialists – in energy, water & waste; process, manufacturing & engineering; housing, regeneration & development and the environment – our knowledge of these different industries is extremely broad and firmly deep seated. We will never profess to know as much as our clients who work in their roles day in day out, however we can certainly hold our own in these sectors and consistently stay up to date with industry news.


We Can Save Companies Time and Money

Working in niche, yet very broad sectors, we understand how they operate. As such, company’s do not need to spend their time and money educating us on the industry. We know our sectors inside out meaning that we can hit the ground running on all projects that we undertake.


We Can Hook Businesses Together

Scarab4 is extremely well connected and pride ourselves on putting people and companies together where there is an opportunity to do business and make revenue.  We already work with some of the largest companies in Teesside including AV Dawson, Mech Tool Engineering, QA Weld Tech – amongst many others –  and through these, and many of our other clients, have routes to decision makers, not only in these businesses, but across their supply chains and verticals as a whole.


Marketing Expertise

We’re all chartered and qualified marketers so don’t just understand how important marketing strategy is to businesses, most importantly we know how to do it and do it well.  We don’t equate marketing strategy to a rebrand, good design or a tagline plucked out of the air.  It’s how – if it’s needed – we get to that design and tagline through well-researched, market intelligence and a strategic approach.