2020 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets ‘Within Reach’

The European Union is within reach of its 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, with emissions across the EU’s 28 member states falling by a further 1.3%.  According to a report sent from the European Environment Agency (EEA) to the United Nations, greenhouse gas emissions have fallen to 19.2% below 1990 levels, with the most recent reductions being put down to a growing proportion of energy being derived from renewable resources along with reductions in transport and industry.


The EEA’s executive director Hans Bruyninckx stated that: “The EU has demonstrated that there is not any conflict between a growing economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with policies being at the heart of this success.  We need to go even further, but this will depend on countries implementing policies which already map a path towards a low carbon, energy secure society.”


Since 1990, greenhouse gas emissions per capita have been reduced by almost one quarter from twelve to nine tonnes.


The EU’s emissions reduction appears to have continued since 2012, according to both the latest emissions data from EU Emissions Trading System and early estimates based on energy estimates from Eurostat, with official estimates for total EU greenhouse gas emissions for 2013 being expected this autumn.